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Guest charlie vaughan

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Congratulations on starting! I'm just starting out too, and it's hard work but each time you do the program you get a little bit stronger. It takes time so just go at your own pace and have patience with yourself. Any movement is still movement and you're benefitting from it big time!

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Hey Charlie.


Don't dread it. Think of it as the first day to a healthier you and a better life. Chris and the Guest above hit it on the head. You can do it. You are doing it for YOU and your loved ones. You got this girl. We are here cheering you on. I'm running tomorrow and when I get back I'm checking in and you post in the Accountability Group in the General Chat area. I'm going to look for you. So proud of you. You can do this. Go !!!!! Happy first day tomorrow and a hug!!!

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Hi Charlie

I'm also a 'thicker sister'. every day we get up and get out there is victory!

it takes time (I've rode the yo-yo so many times, my head spins from the up and down motion of the scale - at least I can teach intergers easily!)

I've learned to set the pace at a level I can handle - it doesn't have to be full out run, it can be a jog.

pump up the volume and eye on the prize!

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