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Would any of you mind shouting at me!!


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OK so I need to get myself fit and loose some weight.

I'm ex armed forces so I've done some serious fitness in my time but haven't done anything (apart from eat loads of rubbish food) since leaving 15 years ago. Obviously because it's been such a long time I've put on a few pounds. 

What I lack is motivation, I've tried a few times but just can't convince myself to keep it up. When I was in the army I had loads of other blokes shouting at me so that was my motivation back then, but my question is how do I get it back, what are the best ways to get some motivation? 

Would any of you mind coming round and shouting at me, about 20-30 of you should be about enough!

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If I can get my fat ass off the couch and do this than you can too! (Said in what my kids call my Sargeant Mom voice :D) I don't know how to inspire you, I don't even know where I found my own motivation but I know the only way to start is to just do it (Nike did not sponsor this message). So do it soldier! 

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