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What shoes do you wear?

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I had been walking pretty regularly for a couple months. Treadmill and weather permitting outside during lunch. Once I started c25k I realized good shoes were a necessity. I went to a local store that specializes in running shoes. I have quite a few friends who are runners and they all said go see the guys at “Second Sole”. First thing they had me do was walk barefoot. He measured me for size and brought out a half dozen boxes of shoes. I tried them on and tested some out on a treadmill in the store. I have a good arch, so my shoes are “neutral”.

I bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 11. I tried on all kinds of different brands but these were amazing! I had no idea what a huge difference a real pair if running shoes would make.  I went in with the notion of probably paying a hundred or more. These were $116 and worth every penny!

Hope this helps!

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I have been wearing minimalist (i.e. "barefoot") shoes the last few years. I opted to use my Sockwas for running when I started running last month. They work great for me, but they do have a thin sole and I can feel some rocks if I step on them when I'm running.

A regular running shoe would not work for me because of the slight lift in the heel they all have, plus they would feel like they were squishing my toes. I would be a barefoot runner if my feet were a little tougher.


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