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I’m running for my health. I’m 41 and married with 3 children. I have PMDD (look it up if you don’t know in case you have other women in your life with symptoms like mine) and I need to run to help me. 

My doctor wants me to lose weight before June or she will be putting me on meds for high cholesterol. I don’t want any meds. 

Im a former runner from my high school days, but it’s been a LONG time and the couch loves me. 

Im hoping I will not give up this race! 

My hope is to some day run a 1/2 this year. 

Why are you running? 

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Sounds like you have good motivation for running. Isn't it great when something as simple as running can help with health problems?

My motivation is just to see if I can run a 5k. It occurred to me that since I can walk that far I might be able to run that far. The benefits of running, such as  losing weight and better physical and mental health are added benefits.


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I am currently on a weight loss journey of my own. I’ve lost 60lbs since August 2018, and I have 171lbs to go. 

I have never been a runner, but I want to condition myself to jog/run by May for a 5k. My sister and I are signing up for the color run. I’m doing a 5k walk the week before the run, which I’ve done the walk before. Now I’m ready to push myself more in hopes of completing a 5k run. 

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