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Completed Week 6


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Today have completed week 6 and ran (rather jog) for 24 mins straight without break. Though could do 3 kms in 24 mins. Week 5 run was more difficult on first attempt but repeated it and was successful. But today uninterrupted run was better as had energy and strength to run for another 5-6 mins. Earlier was dead tired and out of breath but today was exhausted but still not reached the brink. The biggest advantage was "Mental Block". At start of every run when the levels were elevated , there was a voice which kept telling me " no you cant do it, its too hard, take it easy , donot over-exert ". This was specially on the uninterrupted runs when I was told  "its ok take a break , you will not last that long as its too difficult"and I was scared to even try. I have realized that more than the physical , the mental state demotivates you but you need to conquer this Block. It was more pleasing to prove that voice wrong constantly telling me to give up. Its been a difficult journey for me since last year where I was 260 lbs + and today I am 215 lbs. I still have another 30lbs to lose to come to my ideal weight. C25K has also along with others has provided me the boost and motivation in my journey. I am able to do things that I couldnt even think earlier. I am now able to set more goals and feel more confident in achieving them than ever before.

The next immediate milestone will be a 5K race by the end of Feb which I aim to complete in 35  mins. Last year when I competed for the same, I had completed the same race in 57 mins hence want to return back with a vengeance. 


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Hi ! I too had started week 8 and infact towards the end of it. I am actually doing a little beyond 28 mins and trying to complete 30 mins or 4 Kms. After 2 attempts with timing of around 32 mins approx , I did 4 kms in 30 mins on my third run. I have planned to progressively increase my running time by 5 mins each week and tomorrow would be doing 35 mins while maintaining the speed achieved on the last run.

To add to what after C25K , I have downloaded Nike run club which also has different types of runs that varies around. There is focus on increasing speed and also distance in the program. My first goal is to run 40 Mins straight and also complete 5 K within the time. By next week will be able to do so and then incorporate the training program in Nike run club to increase the speed and tempo. You can customise stuff also and plan your entire week run on the same. 

As per slow , speed will come soon as I could discover. When we started the program we were at 90 sec of walking and with minute of jogging, but today we are at over 25 mins of jogging non stop. So my experience now says build the distance and then speed will follow. 

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