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Wanting to run (not walk) a 13.1

Guest Carly

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I am on the 2nd week of the 13.1 training without using the 5k or 10k app previously. I went ahead and looked at what I should be expecting down the road and it seems like the program is going to have me running and walking until race day. This is my first half marathon, but that doesn’t seem like the right training I should be doing if I wanted to run the entire thing.

Anyone with experience recommend I stay on track with the program or seek one without as much walking??

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Guest Kate0107

I run with a group that uses a run/walk method. We trained that way up until the half. I still take walk breaks because studies show this method reduces instances of injury.  If you are wanting to run the whole thing, perhaps you can shorten the walk periods (slowly over time) and lengthen your run periods during training.  Also, since this is your first, please take time to read blogs, articles, etc about what to expect.  I was overwhelmed during my first half.  Good luck!

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