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This may be really dumb. But I just finished Day 1 and it was fine. But can’t find in the app what I do next. Do I go three days in a row am I supposed to take a day off between each run or two days off or none? Might be app challenged but can’t find that on here.  Also, nothing on here saying how fast or slow I should be running.  What pace am I supposed to go at ?  Without this information, this app just seems like a timer I could just use a stop watch for.  Any help?  I am sure it’s not but help on how long between run days if any and how fast am I supposed to be running at first and then as you go. Is there a link with that info I may have missed ?  Sorry for the long post all help is appreciated. 

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I've always just believed you need to complete 3 runs in a week, allowing for a rest day between each run. I tend to run Tues/Thurs/Sat myself, but really it's whatever works for you.

As for pace, again that's up to you. You'll get faster as you go on, I would advise you to run comfortably, once you're running for 30 minutes at a time, then you can work towards speed. 

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