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Manually Add Distance on Treadmill Run

Guest AllenSanborn

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Guest AllenSanborn

I just started using C25K app. During the run I set my phone on the dashboard of the treadmill, so it doesn’t automatically track my distance.

How can I edit an entry to include my total distance, as reported by the treadmill. I understand it won’t be able to track distance for walking and the distance for running, but I’d like to track my total distance.

Help appreciated.

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Guest N.A.
On 3/25/2021 at 9:08 PM, Smitty.Nik said:

This is an annoying problem...obviously many who run do so on a treadmill.   I started tonight after doing a similar c25k program about 5 years ago.  I came to the forums for this solution...dang.  :mellow:


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