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Hi, I want to lose 14lb to feel better about myself and feel fit and healthy. I’ve never enjoyed running but I have to do something!!! Any diet tips to lose weight but help me eat right to exercise? Thank you!

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Look into starting a couch to 5k (C25K) to help you transition into enjoying running. There are other exercises that you could get into, but running is a relatively easy one to start with. But the key to losing weight isn't just by starting to work out, it's about what you eat. This article discusses a little bit about losing weight on a C25K plan (https://www.nordictrackpromocodes.com/articles/how-to-effectively-lose-weight-on-a-couch-to-5k-workout-plan/) that might prove useful to you as you start out. The key takeaways is that you should stick to drinking water, if you don't already, and track your food intake.

Hopefully this helps, and hopefully you stick with whatever weight loss goals you make! 

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