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Sa Lai Capel

Only 5 weeks to train?!?! Should I say no?

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Hello all,

Thank you if you are reading this as I would like advice. A friend had to drop out of the half marathon she was signed up to so offered me her place. Is it safe for a newbie to train in just 5 weeks? I have PT once a week and kick boxing and walk for 30 minutes every day. My PT says it is not safe to enter. I would really like to try. Any comments?

Thank you so much for any feedback.

Joyful training!

Sa Lai

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Just go at your pace, you can do it, the apps are a great way to train, see how you do with the half marathon app.

if you have already trained with the 10k app, you can move on from there..

keep us posted, good luck...

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