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It gets easier??

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Hey all!


So I am on a new life journey to become an overall healthier individual. I've just recently (within the past few months) began eating better and as a result have lost 40lbs. I have decided to kick my progress up a notch and add in strength training along with jogging/running. This app has definitely helped me with starting the initial first steps in my new running journey, however I can't help but feel overwhelmingly exhausted at the end of each run and it's hard for me to stay motivated. When does it start to get easier?! The intervals of walking to jogging are very helpful, but are there any other suggestions that anyone has to help make this transition on my body from couch potato to runner a bit easier??



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Hey there


Well, if you have not had any exercise at all and started this , it will get easier in a few weeks. Walk if you need to. Perfectly ok.


Total congrats on losing 40lbs. That's incredible. Just give it time and you will become addicted as the rest of us. I feel like the app is going to kick my butt if I don't workout lol.


My tips are, run at your pace. You are you. Fast if you want or slow. Get great shoes. That is imperative. Strength training will help too. I do that on other. Days.

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