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Question on w5d2 (and beyond)


Keep moving forward on time or repeat and work on distance?  

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  1. 1. Do I keep moving forward with the time-based jogging, or hold back until I can do the distance in close to the listed time?

    • Move forward on time
    • Repeat and work on distance and speeding up a little

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So, I just did the time version of w5d2, and I know I wasn't particularly close to the distance. I noticed w5d3 is a pretty big jump from here. Would I be better off repeating w5d2 and doing it by distance a few times (hopefully moving it closer to the time listed), or is it better to ignore the distance and keep moving forward doing it with time? (If it makes a difference, I'm in my 30s, so I do expect to get faster)

I have to say I am pretty amazed at this program. 2 months ago, I honestly wasn't sure I would ever be able to get to this point without feeling like I was dying! 

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Awesome. So,I'm gaining a ton of trust in the people who came up with the times for this program. I was totally sure I couldn't do w5d3, but not only did I do it this morning, but I was a ways from home at the end of the 20 minutes, and was feeling awesome, so I kept going through the timed cooldown!!! Ended up going about 1.75 miles. 

Seriously, 2 months ago, I didn't think that was possible. Honestly, before I started this morning, I wasnt sure if I could actually make it through the 20 minutes!!! 

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