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Week 3 is really tough for me!


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I have been doing C25K consistently for the past 2 weeks. Suddenly I'm at  week 3 and it's really hard for me to get through 3 minutes of jogging. Day 1 &2 I cut the second time through a few seconds short because I just couldn't breathe. I'm a large person with weight to lose but not dieting just trying to eat healthy and drink more water.  Sort of discouraged because week1&2 felt good.  My legs hurt this week and I am whooped at end of "run" on week 3. Also I'm actually covering less distance on week 3 runs. Week 2 I had a pretty good Increase in distance. Should I forge ahead, or go back to week 2?

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Abitofwit - I'm with you, except I was able to do the 3 minute run. It was the 90 second run that came after it that I struggled with. I ended up pausing the app and walked for about 10 minutes before starting up with the second 3 minute run. I have mapped out a 2 mile route, so I do walk a little bit extra in the beginning and end of the workout. Keep with it. It will be worth it. Every time I think about quitting because it's too hard, I just remind myself about how far I've come so far. I mean, a month ago, I never would've thought that I could actually run 3 minutes continuously. And right now, I can't picture running for 5 minutes straight, let along running an actual 5K, but one thing I know for sure. I definitely won't get there if I stop. I hate exercise completely, so for me to be excited for my next run is thrilling. I hope that I keep this feeling going.


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