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Have never in my life been able to do a pullup

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Hi gang,

New guy here, but you probably knew that. As the topic says, p/ups are something that I have never been able to do. And I am no couch potato! I used to be a runner, and then later a competitive cyclist on a sponsored team. Now for exercise I walk 4-8 miles at a brisk pace and ride my mountain bike. Also in the summer I mow my half-acre law with a non-motorized reel mower, and in the winter I shovel my 90 ft. driveway by hand whenever it snows, which is quite often where I live. (I rake the yard by hand in the other seasons.) So I don't think I am a slouch. I am 63 years old. It has always bothered me that I cannot do even a single pullup. I have just begun using the 50 Pullups app. I have used the negative method in the past and I have been trying it again with this program. The problem is that as soon as I become unsupported I drop like a rock. I cannot hold myself above the bar for even a second while giving the effort every ounce of strength I have. I also can't seem to do very much to slow my descent either, nor can I hang onto the bar for more than a second or two before I drop to the floor. This has been the case ever since I was a kid in gym class - can't support my own weight using just arm strength. I'll keep working on it, though, so that I can eventually do ONE negative pullup.

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Kudos to you for all that shoveling and mowing!  That sounds pretty fricken good for 63!  My son and husband use a bar called "the perfect pull-up" and practice on it daily.  It hangs in a doorway and supports them both very well.  145-195 lbs.  maybe give that a whirl?  

Good luck!  Just keep trying to build that upper body strength.

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I read someplace that someone used resistance bands somehow for their negative pull ups. I've never been able to do a pull up either, so no experience here... 

I am wary of the doorway pull up bars because I know someone who had one fall down on their head while someone was using it (properly), and they had a concussion that lasted for months... 

Anyway, good luck to you! Hope you can reach your goal!!

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