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I can do this?!

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Hi all, 

New here. I've been working at getting healthy again these past few months. I can now power walk for an hour and a half and I've recently added in some running as well. Five weeks from now, I will be running an Autism Awareness 5k for my grandson. At 53 years old, this gal is a bit nervous as this will be my first race and I'd like to finish in a reasonable time and to finish upright. Thank you for any encouragement and high fives to you all.

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I am sure you can do it. 5 weeks is a little tough schedule, but it is doable. Since you can power walk 1 hour and more in five weeks you will be jogging for 40 minutes. Add some bonus running interval after each day. Take it slowly, do not run too fast - your goal is distance for now. You need rest days, do not skip them, do walking, stretching and core exercises in these days.

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