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Feel like I have failed already....

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MrsD...Hey are you still trying? Still around? Just think if Albert Einstein gave up after failing once. You can start over any time you want. I was doing the C25k, last year or maybe the year before. I've had to repeat many of the workout sessions. I've taken a long break from it and now I'm ready to get back to it. Join me wherever you may be and let's move forward once again beginning with this week. I pray we'll work for success. Don't quit. God bless.

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I had a great first day experience. A SOSO second day. I've read to build in rest days but I WAS a runner and know if I don't build something in everyday around this program then I will not be successful. Suggestions? 

Thinking 20 min strengthening and 20 min "brisk walking"?? 

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