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I've had goals in the past to run a 5k and I always give up early on. I'm relatively fit but struggle gray with breathing. I'm a weight lifting junkie but feel better mood wise with cardio despite my severe disdain for it. I do enjoy running (once it's over) I have set the goal to run a local 5k in April. Would love an accountability partner and someone to share breathing tips and helps.

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Any time you want or need to talk feel free to drop a message. If 11775 is your zip I'm I 11234. My next scheduled race is july and it's obstacle based in long island. I am hoping to do adult lady one other obstacle race and get at least 1 10k run.

I love running but I struggle. Quit smoking almost 7 months ago. This week I'm doing 45 minutes of running with small walk breaks per the 10k program. Breathing becomes a struggle occasionally but I truck through. If I am unable to finish a day I repeat it next session. This has happened a few times. My legs get very tired and Need extra rest some times. It doesn't help that I do squats on my non run days lol.

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