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I am so unfit i get out of breath peeling spuds!


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Make sure you stretch before and after each run even before you start the 5 min walk this will hear your body up for what is coming and the stretch at the end signals to your muscles to stop walking


Try not to bounce etc when you run, listen to the app, if someone looked at your head over a hedge they shouldn't be able to tell tha you are running


Try to get your gait checked at a local running store as you may be favouring one side i.e. Your left as that's the side that hurts more


Good luck and well done for doing your first run



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Maybe trying running on a treadmill in the gym for a bit until you get the lean sorted otherwise all I could suggest is weight the other leg to match the way you hold yourself ?


Go talk to your local running store they should also be able to help and don't forget to stretch


It hurts when you straighten because you are essentially trying to retrain your body


Nikky x

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thanx for the advice again. i really appreciate it. Ive just done some research on the correct way to run and it seems my posture is allwrong, which i knew anyway because i walk like an ape. i was a scaffolder for nearly 10 years before retraining in Telecoms and IT and it didnt do my back any favours. the career switch hasnt helped in a health way either as im now office bound and im not as active as i once was hence the weight gain. Ive got so much work to do but i want to do it so bad. the thought of being able to run like forest gump appeals to me so much because i feel like im trapped in a body i dont want or love and to break free from it and be able to run would be such a great feeling. I am gonna do this!!!!


Rich xx

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