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setting goals

Guest JoAnn

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Hi i just finished day 1 of week 15am. Almost chucked it in at round 5 but decided i can't be a quitter. Lost the weight many times and gained it back just as many times. The extra challenge now us the fact that I'm 50

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Guest Shelley

I have just finished Week 4 day 3 , and for the first time I couldn't complete the last 5 minute run. Had to stop 30 seconds early. Feel like a bit of a failure now I sit here. Why couldn't I just have kept going for those last 30 seconds? Think I may redo this week as I just don't feel ready to start Week 5 yet.

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Hey Shelley,  Hey, don't be hard on yourself. A guy just mentioned on here that , "Your mind will give up before your body does"!  I love that.  Just do a do over, you do not have to do the week over.   You got this and be proud of  yourself..



Keep on Going!   You are out there doing it!  Proud of you!

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