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Knees hurting


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I finished week 5 day 1 yesterday and my knees are really sore. I'm overweight but not by a ton. I do not run fast! My husband says I need to take longer strides since I have very long legs. Any tips or reasons why my knees are bothering me? I started c25k after my second baby with NO exercise experience. Hoping it's just my body adjusting to the new running routine!

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I'm a 56 yr old woman newly off the couch. Just finished week 3 day one and my knees are so sore. Before bed, take an advil and see if they feel better in the morning. Also do daily brief warmups then stretches. Find exercises to strengthen the knees. All this is helping me. Update: Week 3 day 2 and I could not walk without pain.  Advil didn't help. I was fitted at a running store for shoes.  I used my essential oils and got immediate relief. I  just need to use them regularly.

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Pain was more severe and Advil wasn't enough.
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