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Hi - thought I'd drop in to say hello... with slightly shaky hands because I've just finished my first 7-minute workout and I'm feeling a bit wobbly. I'm a 52-year old cyclist who realised with some consternation recently that although I can cheerfully cycle 100 miles without too much unpleasantness, that's pretty much all I can do. I struggle to complete one proper press-up, my core's gone very mushy, my upper body strength in particular has faded big time in the last year or two and my back has started complaining in a way that it hasn't for years. It was time to do something about it, but I knew it would need to be something quick, easily accessible and motivating because otherwise I'd let it slide in a week or two. This app looks like it ticks all of those boxes. I need to improve my technique for most of the 12 exercises but that'll come with time. It's nice to feel as though I'm finally doing something to arrest my decline!

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