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Bad knees


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I don't have great knees to begin with, my knee cap doesn't line up correctly so the tracking can be off and there isn't much cartilage in there - but I started this program and I'm loving it!..  until I started getting pain in my knees.. I had to stop halfway through week 3.  I don't want to give up on this but I'm concerned I'll injure myself..   any suggestions?   when to push through and when to wait?  how long to wait?  what kind of support to use?  Im at a loss ..  thanks! 

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Just started; I'm to do W1D2 today and generally my knees don't bother me, but I noticed they are really "crunchy"!!! I'm 50 and about 50# overweight but used to run 5 years ago. I'm worried my knees are going to give out. Actually my back starts to hurt before my knees, and that's when I easy off. I know I'll be repeating weeks to get back into form but don't want to derail my current motivation due to an injury.


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