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I am Fran and I have never done anything like this. I do workout, but never practiced for a 5k or never tried to be a jogger or runner. I do have a treadmill and I have run in the past on it, but not for any events. I quit smoking over a year ago and I have a sedentary life, so this will help me get into shape. I am over 50 as well.

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I'm 48 and haven't been running for 10-15 years.  My initial goal was to make myself jog around the tracks 3 times a week.  I now managed to do twice a week (Friday 8pm after work, and Sunday 7pm skip dinner).  I found myself out of breath and cannot even run one round (400m), and had to walk-and-jog for 3 to 4 rounds around the stadium.


That's when I discovered this app and it fits my current situation and goals.  I just completed Week1 Day1 and almost gave up after the 4th set (4 of 8).  I didn't have to worry about running one round ..... the app tells me to start walking after (only) 60secs jog.  I finished the 20mins walk-n-jog covering 2.6km.  Very slow considering I used to pass 2.4km tests in under 13mins.


Looking forward to Day2 and Day3 to see if I can cover more distance with each workout.  I'm not concerned about "repeating" a week.  Doesn't matter because I just want to jog 3 times a week and the app helps me keep up the motivation.

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