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Really overweight Vet

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Just wondering if anyone who uses this app , found it useful for being above overweight? I am 5'8 female weighing 280. I used to be skinny in the Marine Corps. About 145. Put on all my weight in the past 10 years. Wondering if people use this app just to run or actually lose weight? And is so , how is it going ?

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Hi there. I am mostly using this to loose weight and stay in shape. I am just finished Week 4 Day 3. I have checked the scale every now and then. I have maintained my weight. Now I do feel like I have gained some muscles in my legs so muscle weighs more. Could be loosing fat. Around my belly I feel like it has changed form. Clothes still fit the same. Maybe by the end of the program I will see more changes. But for right now even though the scale number hasn't changed I definitely feel better and motivated to make a change.

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