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Getting ready for baby!!!!


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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to start my journey to get healthy. Planning on starting a family very soon so I have to get ready. I'm 27, 5'5 and 215 lbs. :-( Not a nice feeling when you say it for the world to know, but maybe that's what will get me to change. I'd like to be somewhere between 150-165....a long ways to go. Any advice or tips for a girl who has never done any running would be very much appreciated. Looking forward to talking to you all during our journey to get fit! :-)

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Hi Kikie,  


Welcome on here.  You have lots of friends on here to help you on your journey.   Getting healthy before baby is so important, then when gain pregnancy weight it will not be so bad to get it off afterwards and keep it off.  Your first step Is to figure out which workout is best for you? IT IS what you enjoy the most.. If it is walking, running, biking, dvds, etc.... Like me, I do not like to ride a bike (only around the block, not distance).  I love to hike and walk, so there ya go.  


1. Do the workout you love to do.

2. Start small then go big.

3. Cardio, Strength, Flexibility

4. Change your Diet.  


Now, i hate the word diet.  UGGHH, Lifestyle Change, once you start eating healthy, your body will love you and crave it.  I have pizza on Friday nights, healthy breakfast on Saturday mornings, a cheat meal for lunch (our out day usually), and back to healthy that night and the rest of the week.     You can Cheat all day Saturday if you want, but we are Friday night Pizza people, always have been.  Now i could cheat all day Friday, but I do 2 cheat meals a week and that is it.  


NOw the C25k app is great to start.   You do not have to run when it says so, walk fast instead, repeat days when you want.   These apps are awesome.   3 days a week is it, other days weight train and do anything else you love to do.  Make sure you rest too, it is oyur bodys way of healing and building muscle.


Good luck to you, we are here cheering you on.   Hugs!

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Guest Running mum

Kelly has great advice. I would add plan to continue exercise when you do get pregnant. I managed to stay in the gym to 26 weeks with #2 and haven't lost anywhere near as much fitness as first time around. Having little ones is a great reason to get in shape and I'm on the journey partly because I want to be a good role model for the kids and also so I feel healthier.

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