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I purchased and started the 26.2 Zenlabs app about 13 weeks ago.  It's riddled with bugs as it doesn't log the miles, calories or syncs correctly to cue you.  But, I use it in conjunction with some free apps to supplement.  


My question......is there anyway to print out the schedule?  I have to redo a day and thought I should redo the days building up to the long run.  Or should I just continue?  I can't do another long run right after a long run I would assume....so if I had the schedule to print out I could easily see what the days preceeding looked like without having to open the app and go through each day.


Thanks for any input.

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I skipped ahead a few weeks to do a 1/2 marathon.  The race was scheduled for my long run day, I just skipped ahead and did a longer day 6.  I ended up walking the last few km, but I got through it.

i then just counted back from my full race day, and started again (on a short week) I ended rewinding by 2 weeks.

You do loose your progress. But that wasn’t a big deal for me.

I recommend Strava as an accompaniment if you want to track progress in detail.


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