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Hi guys :)


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Hi everyone- I'm Jessie and I've just done my first run today! Im super excited about doing this! Today's experience was great! It got tough about half way through but I kept reminding myself that it would get easier the more I did it and I managed to get through it! Swimming tomorrow and then I've managed to convince my fiancé to come with me for Saturday's run! I'm so excited for results!


Anyway just thought I'd say hi- I'd love to make some new running friends!

Also up for any tips anyone feels like sharing ;)


Talk soon!


Jessie x

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Hey Jessie! Great job on starting this! I am in week 7 now! It is a great program! I don't know what kind of shape you are in. However, I know it can be difficult to go through this sometimes. Just keep with it and concentrate on pace. It will get easier during the week and keep with the program ( run three times a week)!

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