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W1D3 done!


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Woohoo finished my first week and today I actually managed to run all of the intervals. So proud of myself! Probably helped that today I decided to take the dog with me and he kept lookong at me with a "run human hum!" look on his fa e. I was also quicker today according to mapmywalk which again is due to the dog. He's a 60kg great dane so his normal walk is slightly quicker than mine and his trot is also quicker than my run. I'll definately be taking him with me for all my runs from now on lol


I think I'm not sure whether to repeat week 1 next week. During run 2 i'd decided that I was but after completing all of the run intervals today i'm not sure whether to push myself. Is it better to wait until 1 minute runs become completely comfortable or try week 2 and maybe not be able to complete all the running? I really want to push ahead with this but worry about losing motivation if I move on too fast

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