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Woohoo finished my first week and today I actually managed to run all of the intervals. So proud of myself! Probably helped that today I decided to take the dog with me and he kept lookong at me with a "run human hum!" look on his fa e. I was also quicker today according to mapmywalk which again is due to the dog. He's a 60kg great dane so his normal walk is slightly quicker than mine and his trot is also quicker than my run. I'll definately be taking him with me for all my runs from now on lol


I think I'm not sure whether to repeat week 1 next week. During run 2 i'd decided that I was but after completing all of the run intervals today i'm not sure whether to push myself. Is it better to wait until 1 minute runs become completely comfortable or try week 2 and maybe not be able to complete all the running? I really want to push ahead with this but worry about losing motivation if I move on too fast

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Ok. So I went for it and tried W2D1 today. Had a few hiccups but it went ok. ~man managed to run the first 4 intervals and thwn about 60 sexs of interval 5 and 30 secs of interval 6.


Crossed paths with another runner just before interval 3 and he actually sneered at me. Thanks dude! But i ran anyway cuz f**k him. Then halfway through run 4 I ran round the corner and right next to a field full if Podencos (spanish hunting dogs) which all started snarling, barking and throwing themselves at the fence. Startled the s**t out of me and my dog, who hates thats particular breef because one attacked me when we he was a puppy and he fended it off. Completely blew my rythme and I ended up with a stitch hence why my last 2 intervals were a bit short


Apart from that I'm feeling pretty good. Haven't lost much weight (about 1lb) but I think i'm looking a bit more toned. I took photos before starting and will take more after week 4/5 then more when I finish. Next week I'll think i'm going to change my route. I was planning on waiting until i was running for longer intervals but the ground i'm currently running on is quite uneven and very stoney so I think i'll enjoy the runs more on tje other route i've got planned. It'll be my treat if I can complete this week

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W2D2 done. Ran 5 of the 6 intervals. Then somewhere between interval t and 6 the app crashed and stopped prompting me. Once I realised I ran a little way but not sure if I managed thw whole 90 seconds. Feeling good though and I certainly enjoyed the run despite the wind and rain. My pace is soooooo slow though. I probably actually walk faster but i'll work on speed once i've finished the whole 8 weeks. Also I treated myself to some sport headphones after finishing week 1 as normal headphones are constantly falling out of my ears. They arrived yesterday and I so enjoyed having music go listen to. Although that maybe why the c25k app crashed. I was running c25k, mapmywalk and music and the music crashed a few times as well. I think I might stop using mapmywalk as i suppose it really doesn't matter how far i'm going just as long as i'm doing it

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