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Getting over my fears...

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this may seem petty, but I joined at gym in September yet I've only gotten to go twice. I'm so scared to even go in because I seem to think everyone will be watching me. I am really hard on myself about my body image so I'm embarrassed for others to stare at me. I started this program last March and got to week five and sadly stopped. I need motivation to get over my fears on running in public or on a treadmill in the gym. I'd love an accountability partner(s)! thanks guys

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I agree with torus_ot.


I used to have the same problem, I was embarrassed how the excess weight jiggled every time I walked or ran on the treadmill and ashamed that I had let myself get to that point...until one day I realized that everyone has to start somewhere and who cares how I look.


As long as you are making an effort to make yourself healthy and feel better about yourself that's all that matters!


Try jogging on a trail that is popular with other runners so you're not alone, but have the shelter of trees to make you not so scared of running in public. That's how I started running in public and got over my fear.


Keep us posted on how you do!

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This is the advice I gave another member back in late January.



" I am a female... 5'4" and in the 230's and I run in my neighborhood. I really don't care what anybody thinks when they see me pass by. In fact I really get more positive feedback and no negative feedback (people wave at me as I passed by and one gentleman even shoutout I was doing a good job). I would encourage you to run in your neighborhood and not worry about what people people in your neighborhood might be thinking in their heads. As my husband would say "what do you care what they think, do they have any influence in your life you should only care about the people in your life what they think" and I'm sure that they would think getting out and getting yourself physically fit is great!"


I lost 15 pounds at the end of the 8 weeks and have done and definition in my legs that I have never had before. That beats any thing on onlooker might think of me!!


Good luck to you!!

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I joined our local gym in December with our teenage son(he's 17) and our goals are opposite, I was 207lbs, 5'1" and he was 86lbs, 5'4".  My goal is to lose weight and tone up and his is to gain weight and tone up(no, he does not have any medical conditions, he has been on the small end of the scale since birth) and now in March, we are running our first 5k.  You can imagine that I was(still am) self conscious about how I look in my workout clothes and Riley was pretty self conscious about how he looked too but we both knew something had to be done.  My husband and I signed up our son with a personal trainer and he is doing awesome and I am down 14lbs and two pant sizes so I don't think about what others might think when they see me, I also carry myself much differently in that I am not trying to "hide" from anyone.  If I look like a dork on the treadmill(and I do, I am not quite Uptown funk guy but I do tend to dance a bit LOL) then I look like a dork.  I have had a couple of people tell me that they see me running and having fun(I think it is all in the music) and it is motivation for them to have fun with it too.  Good luck!  Don't give up!

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I just started running today in my neighborhood, with people I live next to. A 23 year old something skinny guy zoomed past me on his run. I get gym anxiety too. But you know what? I put my headphones on and turned the music up. Don't look at anyone unless they're smiling or waving (one person actually did to me). I take it as encouragement. You know how fat people like me get skinny? Work out. I'm not saying you are fat, I have no idea. But I sure am. People should be cheering you on. Hey, at least you don't see the people at the gym when you get home, lol. But I decided my fitness is for me. I don't want to be 40 years old and having trouble walking anywhere. I have 150 lbs to lose and I'm not getting any younger. You can do it! Just think, at the end all the heads will be turning your way for good reasons :)

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