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Hello, My name is Krystal. I've been living a terrible lifestyle. On Jan. 4th, I had unstoppable heart palpitations where I had to get a cardio version. This wasn't my first cardio version either. After being scared straight, I quit smoking the next day(Jan. 5th) and haven't since. Now, since Feb. 12th, I've been on a very low-carb diet. I would like to start living a healthy lifestyle this year. I've tried losing weight before, but have always given up within a week. I've actually been sticking with this low-carb diet I've made for myself. I'm trying to walk everyday for 15 minutes and over time, increase the length of time. I know losing weight and getting healthy won't completely eradicate future heart palpitations, but it may help me go longer periods without them until I get an ablation.


Its been about 2 1/2 weeks since i started walking. I'm to the point where i feel i should be doing more, especially if i have my first 5k walk in May. So i am using this app to accomplish that goal with ease, including to lose weight and feel healthier and sexy. ;) 2016 is the year I will get my ass in shape and accomplish goals.

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