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How to respond to a bad run...

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So I've recently started the C25K program again (pretty sure I only made it to Week 2 last time, so I am pretty jazzed I'm up to Week 5!). I've surprised myself by how I've been getting along in the program, as it builds up my endurance slowly but surely. I still struggle on the longer runs - 8 and 10 minutes are brutalbut I am able to struggle through it. Then Week 5 ends with a whammy: 20 minutes! What?!


So, needless to say, the 20 minute run did not go as planned. I was able to do 10 minutes, pause for a couple minutes, and then do the remaining 10 minutes in two sets of 5. As far as the proper way to continue training goes, does anyone have a recommendation for how I should get back on track? Do I start week 5 again? Do i try the 20 minute run repeatedly until I can complete it successfully and *level up* to the next week? Do I continue to Week 6 and just hope the 22 minute run comes together at the end of it?



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You did great in making it this far. You could pays on to week 6 since the first two days are similar to the first two days of week 5. When week 6 day 3 comes around you'll do fine if watch your pace a bit. Finally repeating sessions is a good thing since you are helping your self.



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nothing wrong with repeating sessions.  I posted about having trouble progressing.  After trying for like over a month to get past that point, I started back at the beginning with two back to back workouts.  I'm finding them easier, my fitness is really improving fast, and I know when I get back to the longer runs, I will be able to do them this time.


Try repeating the sessions, but if you don't get it after a couple of runs, go back a x weeks.  No shame in doing that, and it will help your fitness more than having your body scream at the high intensity.  I do hear you should be doing most runs at a reasonably easy cardio pace, which means if you are killing yourself, and can't get past the next stage, perhaps go back and do longer, and lower intensity.  

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