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Hi. I'm Matt.


Running has always been my nemesis since an early age as I have never been gifted at sports, suffer shin splints and can't control my breathing!


So I've decided to give this a go to see if I can help develop some stamina and improve my general fitness. I'd love to be able to run without getting short of breath and that's where my inspiration to do this comes from!


Reading through some of the really inspirational stories you have posted not only motivated me for day 1 but made sure I powered through it - I'm starting on a treadmill cos I'm not confident running outdoors at the moment.


Physically I'm not out of shape, got a bit of a belly I wouldn't mind seeing the back of, so really looking forward to developing my stamina, and eventually gaining the confidence to run outside!


So yeah, let's do this!

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Good luck Matt, I'm just like you in that I'm starting on a treadmill. I live in a mountainous area and the hills in my neighborhood are very steep. Not a flat stretch to be found. But we gotta start somewhere and together with this community we can do this. If you ever want to chat about progress, feel free. Not that I quite know how to use the chat feature yet, lol! -Carole

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