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Yay! first day done!

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Week 1 Day 1 complete! I'm doing it on the treadmill at home. I feel like I'm moving way too slow. Should I be concerned or will speed come with time?

And good job to everyone

When I started the program I read somewhere: "Whatever is your speed on the treadmill, you are running too fast" :) .

Do not worry about your speed. The main objective is complete a day, week, whole program. You can work on the speed later.

I started with  2-2.5 mph walk and 2.8-3.2 mph runs. Now I can do 3.5-4 mph walks and  5.8-6.3 mph runs.

Bu you have to challenge yourself.  If you cannot complete the day exercise - reduce the pace. If I feel good, I would increase speed for the last interval or/and add additional interval to the day.

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