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This mom is 54 and 80 pounds over weight

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Walked today a 19 minute mile, at a 3.2MPH pace. Pathetic I know! I want to have better stamina and cardiovascular endurance when I walk and exercise, so I'm hoping this app helps me do this.


Were you in the same situation as me and use this app to get in shape and lose weight? I'd love to hear your success stories.


If you're currently in the same situation as me I'd love to have buddies to be accountable to.

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Welcome. The app really works if you put in the time. I started out in pretty bad shape - I've lost 25 lbs and run over an hour (I couldn't have imagined that when I started).


Aside from running, logging what I eat in MyFitnessPal has helped out significantly since I'm aware of how much I can eat to lose weight. It also helps in the sense that I don't feel I'm dieting, I'm just making better choices about the amount and what I'm eating.


Post up your workout status as you complete days. Don't worry about the pace, just follow the program - the pace will come.


You can do this!!


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Catlynk, I am 49 and 100 lbs overweight. I,too, am looking for an accountability partner. Today was my day 1. I walked the same rate as you. Thank u for posting. I needed to know I wasn't the only one trying this at this age and starting speed.

Hello bhartman1012! I too am glade to know others in the same boat as me

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Catlynk and Bhartman 1012 ... same boat at you both ... I've been doing couch25k for 2 weeks now ... I'm sticking with week one until it doesn't feel as if I'm going to die on the runs ... I'm here to finally make a difference in my health ... let's do this!

Hi Joboly, I did ok with my first day, tomorrow will be day 2. I'm gonna try to do the M-W-F training - weather permitting. I'm so glad you told me you have done week one of two weeks, I was concerned that as the weeks progressed I would not be able to keep up. Now I see there is a backup plan just in case

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