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Starting Tomorrow (Monday)!!!


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Hello!  I just downloaded the app and I am going to be starting my first 30 minutes tomorrow! I am a teacher and figured I would start this once our big holiday break was finished in order to set my workout pattern correctly.


I tore my achilles on April 3, 2015. Waited a month and then had surgery (long story). I just finished therapy, but I gained a bunch of weight for being inactive and I am only about 85-90% back to full strength. I wanna get back into shape starting with this app! I am not a great runner, but I only see positive reviews from this thing. 


Any tips or advice would be wonderful! I know I will struggle and prone to complaining. I need a support system to get through it. 


Here Goes Nothing!

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All the best Mishy and Lowczar!


Lowczar, keep running even when it gets tough or when you feel that taking another step is going to be just too much(without injuring yourself or aggravating your Achilles). It'll get easier and you'll Get better. Put on some good music,look ahead as you run, keep your phone in your pocket, don't look at it and rely on the audio cues and do it at your own pace. ◡̈

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No advice here , I am simply a newbie like you! I just started today and I can't wait for the next run! (Okay, so my running was closer to jogging or shuffling, but I'll get there!) I, too, have Achilles trouble and my plantar fasciitis took almost a year to resolve. Like you, my weight ballooned. So we're in this together! Stay strong and I will, too!

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