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Hello! Welcome and great work on your resolution!


The program is designed so that you run 3 times a week, with one day of rest between each run. But the idea is so that you're not running consecutive days. I've often done a loose routine of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday depending on my schedule and if I'm feeling energetic, I would start the next week on Sunday, or repeat a run if a certain day hasn't gone so well.


On the rest days, I mostly do nothing(may not be the best idea), or take a 5k walk and/or walk up the stairs to work. Others on this forum utilise the rest day to cross train or do some strength training. You will soon find a rhythm and routine that works for you as you progress. Keep us posted! ◡̈

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Hello. I have just started using this app as well and began today. I'm not new to running but have not ran faithfully in a few years. So starting over! From what I understand, we are to run 3 days a week with a day between runs. On off days, I plan to ride my bike, walk and/or do yoga. I hope this helps. Best wishes for your new fitness goals!

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