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Hi there, not really an injury as such however this seemed the best place to post.


I'm at the 5K mark finally but I find the thighs are really tightening when running & so it's making it harder than it should be to do the 5K, also finding the inner calf muscle on my right leg is tight & a bit uncomfortable. I finished my run 5 hours ago and yet still feel tight. I do my warm up & cool down as the app suggested but any other suggestions would be good. Thanks

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W2 D2 - feeling a little discouraged as my left calf muscle tightened up really badly during the 3rd run portion of the workout. I stretched well before I started and during the walking it was fine. As soon as I started running it started to get tight. Last year I started this program and never had a problem so why this time round? I'm having to take a few days off now. My son told me it may be because I'm not hydrated enough, through his track training at school they are told to sip water throughout the day. I'm entered in a 5k on March 12th. I hope I can do it.

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