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I totally had a rough day and felt like i deserved to eat out and stuff myself beyond belief. I thought that since i had been kinda healthy lately to reward myself. Well, it wasn't that good(still was tasty just not as much as i would of thought) i shouldve stopped after my first bite as i was full after a few fries but kept going and going...well my stomach isn't enjoying the food its three in the morning and my stomach is quite uncomfortable. I wondering if my appetite has shifted. I'm hoping i remember this uncomfortable feeling as not to do this again. Emotional eating mixed with fried food after a few weeks of transforming my eating makes for an unhappy stomach. Have you guys been through this...

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Yes Free2bme, I have often thought about having junk food as a really good idea but it is often quite the opposite once I'm done and feeling sick in the stomach and regret. Not so much emotional eating but more of convenience. It's taken me a few rounds of sick stomach to learn my lesson.


That's not to say that I have absolutely zero junk food in my diet, I just have them less and also weigh out by asking myself 'is it worth the calories?' In other words, is it yummy enough for me to burn my run, just being slightly more selective with being the 'empty calories' has helped. However, the Christmas eating has been challenging

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