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5k training on elliptical - possible??

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I haven't started training yet, having trouble staying dedicated and completing anything, but I was wondering if you could do any type of training on an elliptical. I have one in my house so I might be a little more motivated to get on that at times then getting dressed in warmer clothes to go outside. Just wondering if anyone could help.

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Hi Alycat amd Welcome,


Any exercise you get is Exercise and sooo good for you!!


Remember that running on the road and running on a treadmill is really different too. A treadmill will propel you forward. If you use the app for working out on the elliptical, go right ahead. You are moving and that is what matters, but it will be different than outdoors. Go for it, also try a treadmill or outdoors. Anything to motovate you!!!!! Good luck to you!!

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