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Week2 Day1


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Hey all! Im new to this running thing. Recently had so skin taken away and can now run without a round of applause from my tummy!


So I feel I am pretty fit, always smashed my cardio component in workouts and struggled with strength based excersise. The first week has been a breeze in this app. However, i started week2 this week, and I really felt quite unfit! My legs felt like they wouldn't run like i wanted them to and was puffed out super quick. Lead legs and puffed lung with only and extra 30 seconds of jogging.


I have been walking every other day inbetween doing the running. Did anyone else find this stage a big step

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I think I found all stage a big step till the end of week 5. Just getting of my butt to run was huge, the second week was a bit scary too.

The more experienced running here say it's best to give your legs  rest day before running days, so don't walk to strenuously. Not that I did, but its better to do some form of strength training on the off days. That way your muscles can keep up with you...

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