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When do u start seeing results


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It depends what results you are looking for. I suspect 3 weeks ago you couldn't do week 3 day 2 so there's some big results. If you are looking for weight loss, it's 90% diet. Running helps a bit but you can't outrun your fork. Eating a proper diet will lose the weight. Running will make you better at running. The two together make you a goal achieving winner!!


But as for results, you had some successful results the day you stepped out the door, started the app and began to level up your life! :)

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Hi there MissBird. Welcome.


So, do you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism???? Gaining weight with a thyroid is difficult to have to deal with.


Does your Dr have you on any medication??? Or have you seen a Dr.?? There are great articles explaining both hypo and hyper on the internet and I am sure you Dr, has told you about it.


Losing weight with an underlying illness can be troublesome for anyone. These apps are great and if you can combine healthy eating with running, you should see a difference in your body in just a few short weeks.


Please ask your Doctor lots of questions and as much as I hate any medications, he/she might recommend something for your thyroid issue.


I found this article that might be helpful to you:




Please keep us posted and we are here cheering you in. Im curious to hear from you.


Good luck to you and Happy Running!!

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