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no if you had a good run just move on unless you are like me and must! properly check things off as done my ocd would force me to go back and do the run it was very hard when i went to the pro version to just mark my lost runs as done without repeating them to get the data posted but i had already done them twice due to an injury and would not do them 3 times i still toy with the idea of going back i may at the end to see if i can get my speed up

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I would go back and complete the program in order for several reasons.

1) I can't feel like I completed something if I didn't do it in it's entirety. I want to be able tro say I completed C25K and know I did it all.

2) You are running distances your body is technically not properly conditioned for

3) There is never any benefit in skipping ahead in training. You're just denying yourself part of the training. Why would you want to deny yourself training? Training is win!

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