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Great program finished my 2nd 5k

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I fnished my second 5k today. I did the first one two weeks ago. I ran it about a minute faster than the first one. This one else I finished in 34:40. I was shocked that I won first in my age group-Masters (fifty and over). There ended up being eleven of us in that age group. Really stoked and want to just keep it improving my time and start working on the 10k program.

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Ok, so I did five 5k in five weeks. One of them was a trail run, which was very challenging. I didn't worry about time just enjoyed it but I did it in under an hour. My speed has not gotten much faster than when I ran my 2nd 5k. So am going take a break from running races this next month or so and work on improving my strength and speed. My legs seem to tire more than I do. Any suggestions s?

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