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had so much fun on my lunch break run! week 3 is down and done tacked on extra min run on that last 3 min strech so 4 min piece o

thanks Jeshi i enjoy this community also . After a long day at work today and a long drive to attend a wake i finaly made it home a little after 8 I decided I better try and get todays run in w4d3 al

Linita&i, for 30-45 minutes after you run, your muscles are able to intake glucose from the bloodstream without using insulin. If you want a sugary snack, the best time to intake is right after a

Thanks Ruthie I felt better about an hr after i got to work think the Christmas decorations stired up some alergie issues. I did get w5d3 done this evening as the sun was going down this overtime and short lunches messing up my stuff but i did it i think i could have kept going but knew i needed to walk a bit before heading in

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well no early shift today. reg time in but that means i take daughter to school did not know week6 day 1 is a 40 min thing did not have time so even thoough i started it i did not finish but it felt like a good run looks like im not getting home till after 6 for the next few weeks if im going to get runs in i. have to fig something else out

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