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W5d3, done! I'm so proud!

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Using the 10k app. I had a stroke back in 2007. After that I've gained some weight. I actually used the weight as an excuse NOT to run. "I'll end up injuring me knees..." and stuff like that. This autumn, my wife inspired me to start a slow buildup with this app. And so far I really enjoyed "running". It's no grate pace, but still I move faster then walking. W5d3 was the workout that I thought would be hardest to make. But I did it. So proud of myself.

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Very much inspired from yesterdays 5d3 success, I went out this morning for a run with my even bigger inspiration and wife, Katarina.

We aimed for a 5 km path in a nearby forrest.


5 min warmup


5 min cooldown


And guess what. The total time was 40 minutes (including warmup and cooldown), which gives a running time of 30 minutes.  :D

From the dreaded w5d3 20 minutes run I took a huge step to a 30 minutes run.


The pace was like 7:25 min/km, but that's not important for now.

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