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1st run due today


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Wow! You're certainly going for it. Although running 5K seems like an impossible task at the moment, you will end up surprising yourself. When I started, I was just like you. I thought I'd never get to day 2, let alone the end! I quickly realised that my body was more able than I gave it credit for and my mind needed to keep quiet and stop thinking that I couldn't do it. I celebrated my first 5K Parkrun (and a significant weight loss) by buying some new running tights! You can repeat days when you need to by just clicking on the day again, the program will check that you want to wipe the previous data, just click yes. Good luck, you'll get there!

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Persephone - 


I find the treadmill intimidating as well - particularly when running!  I always feel like I'm going to fall forward and knock my teeth out of my head.  haha!  Are you in a location where you can work the program outdoors?  I'm working to get back in shape (after ballooning up 80 lbs after my wedding just two years ago), and I know I'm tempted to look at the clock when I'm on the treadmill - out of boredom as much as anything.  When I'm outdoors, I'm at least able to breathe fresh air (when I can breathe, that is!) and take in my surroundings.  It makes it a little more interesting and helps me keep my mind off the time!  Good luck - proud of you!

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