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Week 3 - how difficult going from 90s to 3 mins?

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That's awesome!! Go you!  :P


I've had a lot of improvement in my body. I'm sticking with my 3 sessions a week (going to try a few more this week).


My breathing was horrible when I started, but I'm able to manage my air now  :D


My feet/calves/shins aren't fully conditioned for running/road, but there's no more pain now, just muscle soreness. Same with my feet.


I've been changing it up, but I tried Week 3 Day 1 for the first time today and got through it! I know I may be slower both in terms of pace and with repeating sessions, but that doesn't bother me. I'm just so thankful I'm getting out and doing it!


Thanks for the support  ^_^

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This has sort of worked for me for those 3min/ 5min jogs: I go at a slower pace, and do my best NOT to look at the app/clock. I change the song to one I really like and sing along in my head, trying to distract myself by focusing on remembering the lyrics, and try to distract myself by forcing myself to have any thoughts that take me away from the PAIN till the end of the song (usually 4-5min songs). I try to think about what I'm doing this weekend, what I ate today, work, if I could be anywhere else where would that be... then back to the song.... This sounds crazy but it works most of the time for me:)

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That's what I did - repeat the sessions until I made it.  


One thing I've noticed these days.  I have a neighborhood-circuit 4.1 mile route that I had been running one way (clockwise) that resulted in starting off going up a long gradual hill.  When I reversed that and started running it counter-clockwise, my times got drastically faster.  By drastically, I mean a full minute per mile faster (11:07 to 10:06/mile).  The difference?  Running it counter-clockwise meant starting off on a level part of the course.  The hills came later, after my body had warmed up more and my breathing was more regular.

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