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Nutritionists how to tell a good from a bad one.

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My girlfriend went to a nutritionist and she told my girlfriend to cut out oatmeal eggbeaters for egg whites. It doesn't sound like sound advice to me. I don't want my girlfriend to starve herself or deprive herself from proper eating habits. Her doctor said she is pre diabetic and is worried about her eating habits. So she is treating the nutritionist advice as gossple. What can i do to help her eat right?

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I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I have a family full of type-II diabetics and was misdiagnosed as a pre-diabetic several years ago. Unless things have changed pretty drastically, a lot of what the nutritionist, doctors and dietetic classes taught was the importance of getting enough protein (for satiety, energy and to help stave off the shakes when your blood sugar dips too low), go for low glycemic index carbs over medium (which quick oats/oatmeal counts as) or high, and stick to a relatively low carb count per meal in general since carbs are what effect sugar levels. A diebetic's diet will be a bit different from normal due to the nature of the disease, and a pre-diebetic usually gets prescribed the same diet guidelines to ensure that he/she does not go over the threshold and become a full diebetic. If the nutritionist told her to cut out a specific food group entirely or something equally drastic or unnecessary, that would certainly be cause for concern. It may be helpful to search for a database of carbs labeled from low to high glycemic levels and see if that is in line with what the nutritionist is suggesting. I hope this helps, and I understand your concern. It's always worrisome with how much false information exists about nutrition to place that kind of trust in someone else's word.

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Well Said Tarryn,


While we never ever want to give Medical advice without asking a Doctor First, we can give our opinions if we have been in that situation...


For me, I am pre-diabetic myself and Carbs spike my blood sugar.   So, for me, oatmeal is out, but it is slow digesting.  I have an issue with it.  I am not sure why she wanted her to not eat eggbeaters as it is just eggs?????


Anyways, she should seek a another opinion if she feels like it is not for her.. 

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