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right side hip pain after run


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Hi i just started running like 2months. just recently started this c25k. today just finished my week 2 day 1.

However, i realized that everytime after a run my right side hip is in pain..only right though causes me to limp when i walk. seems to be more painful when i climb up stairs compare to when i go downstairs.


what seems to be causing this? the pain is mostly on the outer side of the right hip. i run 3 to 4 times a week. currently every run like 3km only.

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Couple of thoughts-

You should try strengthen your core muscles. A weak core can cause your body to compensate in ways that lead to soreness and injury. I stretch out my muscles frequently, this helps out a bit


Check into getting properly fitted running shoes; a stability shoe works best for me. I am aheel striker with a tendency to over-protanate.


Vary your routine - I run a mix of hills and different directions in my neighborhood.


Try some strength building exercises. When I performed some lunges a few months back I realized that my hamstrings were very weak compared to my quadriceps.


Take a rest day if you need it.

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